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1996 - Spice up your life with TFI Friday!
Episode 85th October 2021 • Decapod • EmTel
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Hot on the awesome heels of 1995, is 1996, but how does it compare? Well, 1996 contains more embarrassing stories, but an equal number of arguments!

Not only do we cover all the best (and worst!) films, TV shows and music from 1996, but we also tackle important ideas such as 'Who was the dick?' and more, including:

  • Is it really ironic?
  • Who Wiiiiiiiill be added to Emma's list?
  • Spice girl hatred.
  • Just who is the biggest snyde in the business?
  • Dolly the sheep.
  • Was Independence day crap?
  • More awesome horror films.
  • Would you rather be killed by a tornado or die in your sleep?

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