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Safety Talks #13 - Safety Professionals, Formal Leadership Roles and Government Planning?
7th April 2020 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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In episode 13 of Safety Talk join Henry Skjerven and several of our ESH Community members as they chat about if Safety Professional's need to take more of a leadership role in coordinating our Government Emergency Planning.

Our discussion today covers a range of points, from coordinating within our workplaces during a crisis, through to our what should our professional role be within the larger governmental system. Listen in as we dive deep into an interesting conversation that covers various, diverse views on these topics.

Thank you members Henry Skjerven, Mary Jo Press, Steven Stelpflug and Bill Stettiner for taking the time to have this discussion!

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About Our Guests:

Henry Skjerven has consulted professionally for over 27 years, with extensive Canadian experience, literally from coast to coast but with a home base in Western Canada. His experience ranges from marketing, adult education, and heavy transportation (rail) to municipal public works, fleet and transportation, oil and gas construction in the tar sands, emergency response (Fire and Ambulance), Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Security, as well as human resources and software systems, including enterprise style projects.