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Make Your Pitch [Essential Copywriting Skills for Beginners & Pros]
26th May 2021 • Breakthrough Marketing Secrets • Roy Furr
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This is probably the most important part of copywriting…

It’s the pitch…

In most direct response markets, this all takes place before you introduce your product, service, or offer.

It’s how you build that bridge from, “I have a problem,” to “This person has the solution and I don’t care what it is I’m ready to buy…”

If you nail your pitch, your prospect is ready to buy before they even know what you’re selling…

Today’s episode is dedicated to helping you do that.

It’s Episode #2 in my series on Essential Copywriting Skills.

And frankly, it could be the most impactful of all on your bottom line profits, from all the copywriting you do.

Check out today’s episode on the essential copywriting skill of making your pitch...

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr