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Branch 251 - 75 Podcasts EPISODE 1, 18th December 2020
Season Premiere: Latest from Koblenz and 2020 Review
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Season Premiere: Latest from Koblenz and 2020 Review

The podcast about the worldwide first criminal trial against Syrian regime officials is back! Just before the end of the year, the new team brings you this episode with an update on the most important developments of the trial in Koblenz from the past couple of months. To round things up, Noor, Asser and Fritz provide a review of what 2020 meant for the wider search for justice and accountability for crimes committed in Syria. And take a peek at next year, which will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Syrian revolution. 

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Today's episode was made possible with the kind support of the organization UMAM Documentation & Research. As part of UMAM's work on carceral and detention issues, their team just recently launched a new website for their project MENA Prison Forum. You can find a multimedia approach to the phenomenon of detention in the MENA region there: blogs, films, literature, audio and more. Check it out at menaprisonforum.org

Additional information on the topics discussed in the episode:

Official website of the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA) cijaonline.org

Long-form article in the New Yorker on CIJA's work: tinyurl.com/tbbskzp

On the question of the value of CIJA’s evidence: tinyurl.com/ya6jrt2r

Human Rights Watch’s @balkeesjarrah ‘The Netherlands’ Action Against Syria: A New Path to Justice’: tinyurl.com/y8b4aacy

More on the chemical weapons complaints in Germany: tinyurl.com/y5ukc696

Netherlands government press release: tinyurl.com/yb4bf9jj 

ECCHR trial updates: tinyurl.com/y3mvvccp

Syria Justice And Accountability Centre's monitoring of the trial: tinyurl.com/y88qz9c7


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