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Ask Me Anything (AMA) with OpenELA
Episode 414th September 2023 • FLOPS & Threads • CIQ, Inc.
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Have you heard about OpenELA? Wim Coekaerts, Head of Oracle Linux Development, Oracle and Alan Clark, CTO Office, SUSE are joining us for an AMA (ask me anything) about OpenELA where you’ll have a chance to interact directly with Enterprise Linux experts.

About OpenELA:

Starting later this year, OpenELA will provide sources necessary for downstreams compatible with RHEL to exist, with initial focus on RHEL versions EL8, EL9 and possibly EL7. The project is committed to ensuring the continued availability of OpenELA sources to the community indefinitely.

OpenELA’s core tenets, reflecting the spirit of the project, include full compliance with this existing standard, swift updates and secure fixes, transparency, community, and ensuring the resource remains free and redistributable for all.

By welcoming other organizations and community members to join and contribute actively, OpenELA seeks to build a robust, community-driven standard that ensures impartiality and equilibrium in the EL ecosystem.



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