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5 Reasons NOT to Edit Your Own Podcast
Episode 17423rd August 2023 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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5 Reasons NOT to Edit Your Own Podcast:

  1. You lack the technical skills to edit audio and/or video to the level you desire for your podcast.
  2. You’re self-aware enough to know you lack a critical-ear for content editing decisions.
  3. You may miss out on accessing a wealth of podcasting experience that a helpful Podcast Editor will share with you to help you succeed.
  4. If you feel like you’re losing steam due to the overwhelm of editing, but you still want to keep doing your show - find a way to get an Editor.
  5. You have the financial resources to buy back your time, and you want to come out-of-the-blocks firing on all cylinders.


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