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Redefine Failure & Unlimit Your Potential with Seth Pepper
Episode 4020th April 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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If you couldn’t lose, what would life look like right now? 

In today’s episode I am joined by Seth Pepper, High Performance Coach and mindset mentor to top athletes, coaches and companies and we are redefining failure. Specifically we unpacked what it takes to normalize GREATNESS. 

At the age of 14, Seth chose his sport and within just six years of that first day in the pool, he became one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. What carried him all the way to the top – was developing the power of his MIND. Along the way, he won 2 National Championships, held the #4 Ranking in the World and was inducted into The Hall of Fame. 

The impossible… isn’t.

I loved everything about today’s conversation! 

Feeling uncomfortable? -> That's Life -> Life BEGINS at the edge of your comfort zone.

Your Results Are Not Your Identity

It’s amazing how many “Yes” are waiting out there if you are WILLING. 

In This Episode We Unpack:

  • The Power + Gift of the Mind 
  • Patterns  + Micro decisions  that hold us back
  • The Feedback loop 
  • Shifting the mind + our relationship to Failure
  • The Flow State Process
  • Accepting and Normalizing the uncomfortable 
  • How to use failure as a feedback loop + Baby steps to a quantum leap. 
  • The Power of Uncomfortable Vision Boards 
  • Give yourself permission to win.

Check out these timestamps!

  • 5:20 I encourage you to FAIL
  • 8:15 The power of the mind meets the power of the body. 
  • 13:40 Looking for patterns in life stories: Expansion + Contraction or Blockages 
  • 22:00 Failure isn’t PERSONAL, it’s DATA
  • 24:00 The average toddler learning how to walk falls 69 times a day
  • 30:30  Accepting what is uncomfortable 
  • 40:15 What sets me apart from others is my relationship with failure.  I got more excited from a really bad race than an easy win. 
  • 45:40 GPS is our Good Pain System 
  • 58:35 Your thoughts become your words, become your actions 

If you have a dream or vision for your life. If you are working towards anything meaningful, this is a must listen to the episode! 

If you loved today's episode, be sure to connect with me at @thechristinejewell over on Instagram! 


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Connect with Seth Pepper here: Get 10% off a coaching session when you mention this episode!

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