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Relationship Magic: How Deep Listening Changes Your Relationship Memories
Episode 158th February 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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Today we’ll examine the secret power of listening.

1.    You’ll hear a story about how a sweaty stranger ended years of conflict in my marriage

2.    Why it’s the Friend in your relationship that has magical powers to negotiate between the Lover and the Partner

3.    And I’ll give you a habit that turns fear and embarrassment into a magic wand that brings you and your sweetheart greater connection and intimacy.

This week’s habit for your happily ever after is to go on a hunt for your hidden dreams. You'll hear me search in the rivers and mountains of Colorado. Where are your dreams hiding? And how are those hidden dreams sabotaging your happily ever after?

This week's date night discussion will help you to hear your sweetheart better. We'll examine the power of STAYING for the whole conversation.





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