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The Global Startup Movement - Startup Ecosystem Leaders, Global Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Market Innovation - Andrew Berkowitz 8th September 2020
The state of Esports in Africa
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The state of Esports in Africa

Douglas Ogeto is the coFounder and CEO at LudiqueWorks and has built the largest community of game developers on the continent. He is an entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in Technology, Branding & Community Building. He has co-founded 4 startups in Game development, Education, Advisory & Branding and has played a key role in designing, planning and execution of entrepreneurship & impact related projects in Sub-Saharan & West Africa, having worked both in the private and NGO sector.

On this episode you'll learn:

1. What is the biggest hindrance to African Esports taking a broader spot in the global industry? [6:32]

2. What companies and games are investing in Africa to support a league? [7:40]

3. What are the most played consoles across Africa? [12:15]