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Getting Your First Customers as a Bootstrapped Startup With a Limited Budget with Andy Cabasso # 164 [ Startups ]
Episode 16426th January 2022 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Andy Cabasso is the co-founder at Postaga, an outreach service to build links for free, with its AI-assisted all-in-one outreach platform. They can find outreach opportunities, analyze outbound content, find email addresses and much more.

Andy is also co-founder of Offsprout, where they help web design agencies to build websites for their customers using white-label website building tools.

Prior to Postaga and Offsprout, was also co-founder at JurisPage, an Internet marketing agency focusing on helping law firms create a professional Internet presence and get better visibility online. JurisPage was acquired by Uptime Legal in 2016. Before all that, Andy was a practicing lawyer.

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:00 - ShoutOUT Customer Messaging via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Messenger
  • 00:50 - Intro
  • 02:28 - Best Channels To Get Your First Costumers
  • 04:29 - Finding & Reaching Out to The Right People
  • 07:18 - Charm Offensive Cold Outreach
  • 09:23 - Postaga's Email Open Rates
  • 11:12 - Outreach Cost-Effectiveness
  • 13:32 - Growth Tips to Save Money and Time
  • 18:16 - TinySeed's Startup Accelerator Program
  • 25:53 - Getting Early Customers Through Product Hunt
  • 30:23 - Better Days to Product Launch
  • 31:32 - Product Launch Final Tips
  • 33:54 - Experiences Lauching on AppSumo
  • 37:51 - Andy's Vision When Starting Postaga
  • 38:50 - Andy's Piece of Advice for His 25 Years Old Self
  • 39:38 - Biggest Challenges Andy's Facing
  • 40:13 - Instrumental Resources for Andy's Success
  • 42:30 - What Does Sucess Mean to Andy Today
  • 43:53 - Andy's Favorite Hobbies To Get Into a Flow State
  • 44:41 - Get in Touch With Andy

Get in Touch With Andy:

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