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4·12 Yes, No, Bite Me ⠀ (Kansas: Part 2)
Episode 1214th March 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·12: Kansas: Part 2

""This is ground control to Major John...""

“It's Kansas John, but not as we know it! The crew go trick or treating whilst Johnny McFly must navigate teenage rebellion and losing his viginity to avert disaster and fix the ripple in time.” (thanks Marky See!)

“All is not when it seems. Cher, a football player, and some aliens walk in to a bar, er... abandoned house. One of them gets lucky with a new old friend, one gets a sugar high, and Cher gets a refresher on her ABCs from a familiar foam rubber face as they all race to get time back on track. ""It works,"" but when will they go next and who will follow?” (thanks Rachel!)

“There's no place like home, we find out,

Casper the joke is lurking about.

Happy Halloween!

""Are those jeans?""

""Was it a bass or a trout?""” (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)

“Crichton and crew head to earth. Unfortunately, its the right place, but wrong time. They discover things aren't as Crichton remembers and attempt to put things to right. Meanwhile, the crew learns all about Halloween and Rygel obtains an addiction. ” (thanks Melissa!)

“Marty McCrichton needs to go Back to the Future after getting sent to the 80s. He steals some milk, sees his brash young self and younger family and has to fix the timeline to get back to the transpresent. Cheryn and Kermit the Dominar learn their ABCs and since it is currently halloween, Kermit becomes addicted to candy and making scary pumpkin carvings. Sheriff D'Argo says hello in sign language to a nosy Karen while he and Wrinkles go for a cruise. Sputnik gets the cold shoulder from Pilot, and Scorpy heats things up between him and an old flame. Chiana Shaw also gets some action as she is finally able to check off the top name on her must frell list.” (thanks NickRude from Canada aka Katratzi!)

First aired on Monday, 30 December 2002, written by Justin Monjo, and directed by Rowan Woods

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