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Forward Revolution
Episode 12424th July 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In this episode, I interview my friend and marketer of @revenue about leadership. We talk about unimaginable loss and the club, of which we are both members, we never wanted to belong to. Marie talks about choices as her best tools for success, as well as the hardest choice she had to make in her life. The pandemic seriously changed things for Marie. She began homeschooling her daughter at that time because she didn't like what was happening in school and she discovered the "she-session," and made a plan to do something about it. We also touch on the topic of diversity and how Marie is currently focused on women and latinx but she is also educating herself on the differently-abled population and what might be going on with them. Marie is a person who cares and plans to make a difference. Join FWD Revolution in downtown Chicago to protest and stand up for women so we don't have to go backward in time. To find out more, join Marie Hale on social media and follow @fwdrevolution on all social media platforms. If you want to reach out to Marie directly, you can reach her at