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Is it good business to offer coaching to everyone?
Episode 327th April 2021 • The Coaching Question • The Coaching Question Podcast
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Gregor is joined by a past client Jo Taylor, who is MD of HR Consultancy Let’s Talk Talent , whose function is to make organisations irresistible by unlocking their people potential, ensuring organisations thrive at every level, along any time-frame.

He met Jo when she recruited him as part of a cadré of coaches, who not only coached executives but also took part in ‘drop-in’ coaching and that’s what this episode is about - something that is close to both of our hearts - making coaching available to everyone and not just a select few at the top. Sarah has coined the term - a Power Hour, and that’s certainly what this drop-in coaching is all about

Since Jo has carried this out successfully, she was a perfect person to ask the question - is it worth the money to make coaching available to everyone?

Let’s Talk Talent Have their own podcast too!