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74 Making GP/LP venture capital funds accessible to retail investors with Jonny Blausten of Sprout
Episode 7418th April 2023 • The EIS Navigator • Brian Moretta, Hardman & Co
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While we usually focus on EIS and VCT in this podcast, there is a larger venture capital industry outside this area. Although its been mainly for institutional investors to date, Sprout is looking to change that. In this episode, founder and CEO, Jonny Blausten discusses the GP/LP market in general and how they are opening it up to retail investors.

We start by talking about GP/LP funds. Jonny explains what they are, how they work and how they differ from the EIS funds that we are used to. We chat about how GP/LP funds can invest more widely, both by stage and internationally, and how the breadth of funds means there are plenty with strong track records.

Jonny also discusses Sprout's fund selection process. It uses the "10 Ts": a list of criteria that funds should satisfy. We dig into some of the less obvious ones and Jonny explains why they are important, both to investors and to generate a robust selection process.


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Jonny Blausten

Founder and CEO, Sprout

Jonny Blausten is CEO & Co-Founder of Sprout - an investment platform for private investors looking to access top-tier venture capital funds. Having previously worked in strategy and M&A, Jonny founded Sprout to tackle the paucity of quality private market investment opportunities available to professionals, HNWIs and family offices.




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