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The Voice of Dog - Khaki and friends. 14th June 2021
“Tearing ¡Olé!” by J. Z. Belexes
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“Tearing ¡Olé!” by J. Z. Belexes

Content warning - Today’s story includes racial slurs, and violence toward Neo-Nazis.

Werewolves are real, and there's nothing cursed about them. One young werewolf, known to his adoptive pack as Samson Phoenix, has found himself under the mentorship of a centennial warrior known as Hatchet... whether he likes it or not.

Today's story is “Tearing ¡Olé!” by J. Z. Belexes, a self-contained part of a larger series known as Werewolf's Humanity, which is about an orphaned werewolf with PTSD from being experimented on by humans and social anxiety from trying to find his place in his adoptive pack. Another story in this series, "Favors," was chosen to be published in the charity anthology novel "Iron Doves," from The Dragon's Rocketship Publishing, and available on Amazon. J. Z. Belexes has the rest of the series available to read on FurAffinity, Wattpad and DeviantArt, at least until he gets them published in a novel... which he's working towards.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.