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Who Should Do Your Email Marketing?
Episode 2515th April 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Are you really the best person to be doing your email marketing?

When you start a business one of the first things you do is figure out what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at.

So if you absolutely love writing email copy but working out the technical side of things makes you want to put your head in a blender, then that’s okay.

If you’re a long-time listener then you’ll know that there’s more to email marketing than just writing emails, and there are plenty of people out there jumping with excitement at the thought of helping you out with the bits that you aren’t keen on, or don’t have the time for.

This episode we’re diving into how you can outsource your email marketing, who you should trust with your emails, and the systems to help you along the way.

Episode Content

  • (0:35) Funny fact with Rob and Kennedy
  • (2:35) The way we like to make our voices heard.
  • (3:00) The big question you need to ask yourself before going any further.
  • (5:49) If you’re going to outsource your email marketing, you should definitely outsource this bit first.
  • (7:55) Who’s got the final piece of the strategy puzzle?
  • (9:29) The magic of skill transference!
  • (13:42) This could be the thing that motivates you to kick it off.
  • (15:38) Listeners question with @MayKingTea
  • (19:29) Subject line of the week.

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