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Aliens and the Third Reich
Episode 1912th July 2022 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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Did a UFO really crash in Germany and did it contain blueprints for advanced weapons?

Who was Maria Orsic and could she really control the power of Vril?

Is there remains of a wonder weapon in an abandoned polish mine?

Our host Fredrik continues the mission to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between on the TV-show Ancient Aliens. In this episode we will break down episode ten from season two (Ancient Aliens S02E10) called “Aliens and the Third Reich”. It originally aired on November 25 2010.

This episode will be a bit more serious one than usual. Even if we tend to research topics and claims within this episode contain a bit of extra of it. We will digg down into claims that Nazi Germany had contact with or built their advanced weaponry upon lost alien technology. The ideas that on the surface seem to be just loony and a bit out there did contain a quite dark history that the History Channel seems to have been ignoring.

Most of the show is built upon the ideas of Neo-Nazis, original nazis, spiritual sources and missinformation. Strong claims but my research is going in that direction. To back this up I’ve added my sources and also a transcription of the show. If you know people who don’t listen to podcasts they can read it instead. All the sources used and transcript can be found at our website

Just a brief CW, it is an episode that focuses heavily on the second world war. We don’t go into any details but we mention executions, suicide and the horrors of world war two.

In this episode:

The Black Forest UFO Incident of 1936

Jan Udo Holey (Jan Van Helsing)

Viktor Schauberger

Repulsin engine 


The Swastika

Nazi esoterism and the spear of destiny

The Vril Society

Castle Wewelsburg

Maria Orsic

Mohenjo Daro

Die Glocke (The Bell)

Hans Kammler

Operation Paperclip


“Now we ride” by Alexander Nakarada (

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“Folie hatt” by Trallskruv