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Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur - Matt Birchard EPISODE 29, 23rd October 2020
Episode 29: Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition
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Episode 29: Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition

Episode 29 features Cutty Sark's Prohibition Edition. An homage to the brand's birth during Prohibition, it is bottled at 50% ABV, or 100 proof.

Enjoy this episode with a wee dram of Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition.

Cutty Sark's official website: https://www.cutty-sark.com/

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1923 - Idea to create a new, lighter style of blended whisky was thought up on the 23rd of March, at No. 3 James Street in London.
  • 1923 - Captain Bill McCoy, noted rum runner, was arrested for violation of the Volstead Act on November 23.
  • 1934 - 7,000 cases sold
  • 1936 - 80,000+ cases sold
  • 1956 - Advertising begins
  • 1961 - Attains designation as the best selling Scotch whisky in the USA
  • 1968 - 2.4 Million cases sold
  • 2013 - Introduction of Prohibition Edition on the 80th Anniversary of the end of Prohibition
  • 2018 - Glen Turner Company Limited acquires Cutty Sark

Key Cocktails:

Neat. A few drops of water if you like.


Wikipedia article on Captain Bill McCoy

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