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Interview with Jim Kennelly & Sam Ufret from Lotas Productions in NYC - Part 2
Episode 829th June 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the second part of my interview with Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. In the first part, we discuss their business, Lotas Productions and how both Jim and Sam got into this industry. In this second part, we dive more into the industry of voice overs itself and where we see this industry going in the future.


We discuss:

  • Being open to diversity in voices
  • How Jim and Sam use their best judgement when casting voice overs
  • Being aware of who else may benefit from your services and how voice overs can increase your reach
  • The return of the jingle 
  • The increased reach of where voice overs can be found
  • The goal of the voice over being an emotional impact
  • How we’re really at the infancy of voice overs and audio branding
  • How close we are to having AI and synthetic voices everywhere
  • Asking the question- “is there something to this?” when finding out how to make synthetic voices sound natural
  • When synthetic voice will be used in the future
  • How synthetic voice not actually taking jobs, just adding to your portfolio
  • How the future of AI looks like separate voices for advertising different products
  • The future of conversational design
  • New tech coming to voice overs
  • Globalization of voice overs other industries
  • Clubhouse and its part in the globalization of the voice industry 
  • New technology when it comes to voice auditions 
  • Personalizing this industry and giving/getting real feedback
  • Designing for the newest generation of voice producers

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