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Food Systems - For Healthy People and Planet! - With Michelle Gilman
Episode 1330th June 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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In this interview I'm joined by Michelle Gilman to discuss the connections between our farming practices, our food systems and our own personal health.

We've been becoming well clued up on this podcast about the benefits of regenerative agriculture for the health of ecosystems and the climate, but for this to have an impact at scale we need to widen the conversation and consider also how the consumer fits into things.

The norm today is for food to be both highly processed and highly travelled - arriving on a shop shelf where people will often give very little thought to how or where it was produced.

It's a disconnection that's caused by the system itself, and it could also be seen to be reducing the understanding we have of the impact of our food choices upon our bodies.

These are topics that Michelle has given a lot of thought, and she's set out to raise awareness about the role of diet in human, soil and ecosystem health, and generally reconnect people with their food. So I asked if she could share her considerations and help fill in some of this picture.

Michelle's work has often focused upon ensuring that healthy food choices are also accessible to those with low incomes, and this has led her to the recent creation of Food Fluency - a nutrition programme that partners with non-profits working in the areas of community health and food security. She'll offer further info in the discussion but I'd like to mention quick that's she's just getting things kicked off with a crowd funder, so consider checking out the details for that at

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