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2021 - A Year of Adventure with Heidi Siefkas
Episode 486th April 2021 • Boomer Banter, Real Talk about Aging Well • Wendy Green
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Heidi Siefkas is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and adventurer. In 2009., Heidi was simply taking out the trash, when a 1000 pound tree limb fell on her and broke her neck. During her year long recovery, she lost her job, her marriage and her financial security. But she discovered what she is calling Life 2.0.

Originally from Wisconsin, Heidi hangs her hat in Maui, Hawai‘i. However, as an adventurer, Heidi is rarely home for very long. Of course, with the Coronavirus shutdown, her travels and adventures have been curtailed. But 2021 is a new year, and we will talk with Heidi about what she is looking forward to this year. You will also hear her amazing story of recovery and how she came to the mantra she lives by, "LOOK UP!"

Heidi is the author of three inspirational, non-fiction books, "When All Balls Drop", "With New Eyes", and "Cubicle to Cuba".

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