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NOT REAL ART First Friday Exhibitions: An Exclusive Sneak Peek
Episode 21518th April 2023 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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This year at NOT REAL ART, we’re introducing a brand new exhibition series designed to inspire you with the artwork and artists we love. For this week’s special podcast episode, host Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with NOT REAL ART Editor-in-Chief Morgan Laurens, who sheds some light on our 2023 First Friday Exhibitions program. 

Opening on the first Friday of every month, the series explores contemporary ideas and issues with innovative works from leading lights in the creative industry. Kicking off the series in February, our 2022 Grant Winner Exhibition celebrates the accomplishments of last year’s six NOT REAL ART grant winners. March brought Women in Love, an exhibition exploring the power and complexity of love on the cusp of an increasingly unsettled future. This month’s exhibition, Art and the Environment, features nature-centric work that explores the devastating effects of climate change on the world around us. Up next, Sugar Rush looks at the communal aspects of food and eating in May. “It’s going to be a feast for the eyes,” says Morgan. 

“[These exhibitions are] an awesome way of fulfilling our mission and our purpose to help artists tell their stories and promote their work, amplify the amazing artists and artworks that are out there, but do it in the NOT REAL ART way—do it online, do it in a very accessible way,” Scott says. “We are not in the white cube space exclusive to only a few. We are online, we are ready for the world.” 

Tune in to this week’s episode to get the lowdown on our past and present exhibitions. Morgan also offers an exclusive sneak peek into our schedule for the rest of the year, which includes artists who push the boundaries of new media and tech. “This is something that we’re trying to step into more this year,” says Morgan. “Trying to look at more new media, artificial intelligence, web-based art, and see what artists are exploring there.” Listen to the episode below, then head over to our exhibitions announcement for the full roster of shows. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Insight into the past and present First Fridays Exhibition program.
  • Standouts from our first online exhibition, which featured Not Real Art Grant winners.
  • A curatorial overview of Women in Love, our second exhibition of the year.
  • What you can expect from Art and the Environment in April.
  • Hilary Baker and other artists that Morgan has worked with on this program thus far.
  • A sneak peek of Sugar Rush, a “feast for the eyes” coming in May!
  • Sourdough and Morgan reflect on their favorite Midwestern treats.
  • Highlights from the exhibition program for the rest of the year.
  • How the December exhibition will celebrate our very favorite art from 2023.

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