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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 346, 30th July 2020
Ep. 346 - Ask Us Anything - with K+L
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Ep. 346 - Ask Us Anything - with K+L


We asked for Qs from our community and our team, and you all DELIVERED! You may THINK you knew us after 300+ episodes but NOPE, we’ve still got more juicy deets to share about our lives, our secret internet friends, our insecurities - you named it, and we’re sharing it in this episode. We love opening up to and being vulnerable with you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing some interesting unseen corners of our duo!


We talk about:

  • Changing our minds on diet, therapy, dogmas, and vulnerability
  • Embarrassing fashion trends
  • People we follow on social media who are secretly our best friends
  • Embarrassing moments from when we started the podcast
  • What we’re attracted to
  • Our untold insecurities


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