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Highlights from 2022
Episode 3Bonus Episode9th December 2022 • Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story • Deep Isolation
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2022 was a pivotal year for nuclear with countries worldwide taking a fresh look at this clean energy source to fight climate change and secure energy independence. With that has come a renewed interest in nuclear waste disposal key to the success of future nuclear power, plant deployments, nuclear waste. The whole story has explored these topics and many more in 20 plus interviews with scientists, citizens, and industry experts. Here are a few highlights from our most popular episodes of the year.

Highlights from:

Stuart Haszeldine, Geologist & Environmental Scientist at the University of Edinburgh

Zion Lights, Science Communicator and Author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting and Only a Moment

Suzie Jaworowski, Former Chief of Staff in US Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy under the Trump Administration

Princess Mthombeni, Stakeholder Liaison Officer at The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation