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Founder Thesis - ThePodium.in EPISODE 40, 18th February 2021
The Lifelong Slasher | Roshan Abbas @ Kommune India
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The Lifelong Slasher | Roshan Abbas @ Kommune India

He is a performing artist by heart, someone who hit the stage when he was merely 4 years old and guess what, he never got off! 

A creator, writer, director and entrepreneur, he gets immense joy from words, phrases, and playing with them creatively. 

When kids his age would play cricket after school, he would be found doing theatre.  

He tells us that his mother always aspired for him to study at the best school and be equipped with a wholesome education and thus, he ended up completing his schooling at La Martiniere, Lucknow. As a kid, he thrived on extra-curricular and would never miss a chance to perform. He talks about the contribution of his teachers from La Martiniere who helped him groom at a very early and crucial stage of his life. 

His foundation was firmly set in childhood and from thereon he never stopped dreaming.

Well, serendipity happened, and with finite resources and infinite passion, Roshan Abbas moved to Delhi and pursued his Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Milia Islamia. 

Always fascinated by arts and theatre, Roshan joined a professional theatre group in his college. After college, he kick-started his career as a radio jockey and TV host. A storyteller for life, and a multi-faceted personality, he founded his venture Kommune India in 2015, a Performance Arts Collective bringing art, brands and talent together. 

Tune in to the episode for intimate, personal, unique, and honest stories from Roshan’s childhood, career, his first Radio show, and life as a creative entrepreneur. 

Key insights from the episode: 

  1. Influencing people with the power of words.
  2. Are creative people good at running companies? 
  3. Growing a creative agency.
  4. Lessons on ‘Brand building’.
  5. Writing plays, conducting theatre workshops, and making films.