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308 | "Bootstrapping to Profit" with Tim Tutt from ClearQuery
Episode 3089th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. "Product Evolution": ClearQuery's journey from a cybersecurity-focused tool to simplified analytics emerged when a pivotal customer interest shifted the focus, demonstrating the importance of adaptability in product development.
  2. "Tech Investment in Government Space": Tim's involvement with Decode Capital reflects a commitment to angel investing in tech startups targeting the government sector, emphasizing the significance of dual-use technology with national security implications.
  3. "Bootstrapping Benefits": The intentional decision to bootstrap ClearQuery allowed the company to own its destiny, navigate complex government market sales cycles, and maintain profitability from day one, highlighting the advantages of a strategic and independent growth approach.

✍️ Episode Summary:

In this episode featuring Tim Tutt, co-founder of ClearQuery, the conversation unveils the evolution of ClearQuery from a cybersecurity-focused tool to a simplified analytics product. Tim shares the pivotal moment when customer interest guided the shift, emphasizing the importance of aligning products with user needs.

Beyond ClearQuery, Tim discusses his involvement with Decode Capital, a tech-focused investment group with a mission to assist startups entering the government market space. The interview delves into Tim's investment philosophy, focusing on dual-use technology with both commercial and national security applications.

Returning to ClearQuery's core business, the discussion explores the company's growth trajectory after the pivotal product shift. Tim shares insights into the benefits of bootstrapping, emphasizing the freedom it provides to grow intentionally, especially in navigating the complexities of government market sales cycles.


00:00 Intro

00:06 The Journey of ClearQuery: From Cybersecurity to Data Analytics

00:58 The Turning Point: Shifting the Product Focus

02:13 Venturing into Tech Investment with Decode Capital

04:52 The Growth and Challenges of ClearQuery

05:44 The Benefits of Bootstrapping a Business

06:36 The Story Behind the Company Name

07:06 Understanding ClearQuery: The Core Product

07:42 Ideal Users and Applications of ClearQuery

08:17 How to Reach Out and Learn More About ClearQuery

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