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EP 240 Heart Connect Thursday-Finding Ease in Decision-Making
Episode 2404th April 2024 • Live & Lead With Heart • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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This episode explores the art of making decisions, big and small, and the impact they have on our lives. From major life choices like marriage to daily decisions, the podcast delves into the importance of making choices driven by intuition and guidance rather than reactivity. As we navigate through tough times, the episode emphasizes the significance of reshaping our lives through intentional decision-making for a better future. Tune in for a discussion on the power of connecting with our hearts and bodies to make grounded choices that lead to positive outcomes.

00:00:01 - Decision-Making Challenges
00:00:33 - Choices in Daily Life
00:01:06 - Heart Connect Thursdays Introduction
00:01:37 - The Importance of Choices
00:02:09 - Breathing Ease Technique
00:02:52 - Practicing Calm for Better Decisions
00:03:34 - Personal Experience with Heart Coherence
00:04:28 - Business Decisions and Authenticity
00:05:51 - Connecting with the Heart in Decision-Making
00:06:54 - Heart Connect Thursdays Purpose
00:07:57 - Encouragement to Lead with Inner Calm
00:08:10 - Closing Thoughts and Invitation for Feedback


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