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14. Your Choices Determine Your Next Level with Anthony Trucks
Episode 1423rd August 2021 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Find incredible friends who lift you up and push you to be better, and hold you accountable to the person that you want to be and the person you're called to be.

I've found that in my good friend, and today’s guest, Anthony Trucks. Anthony is a former NFL football player, a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, an author, a life coach and an entrepreneur. He is also a former foster child, and today you will hear how that has shaped his life and how he, although not responsible for the cards he was dealt, had to choose how he wanted to play them. 

So, how did someone like Anthony, someone who went through literal hell in foster care, went from feeling like he was getting passed around and not feeling the natural love from a family to having a family of his own that he loves madly, that he is raising in leadership and doing incredible things, both with his kids and the people that he's making an impact on through his business? How did he go from one to the other? And how does it come so naturally to him, or at least seemingly? 

Anthony is all about taking ownership, taking back control of your life and to quote him: “making shift happen”.

Trust me, you will want to take some notes on today's episode and possibly listen to it more than once.

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