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Ep 58: Getting Curious and Hosting Amazing Guest Interviews - with Matt Gilhooly
Episode 5828th December 2023 • The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast • Verity Sangan
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In this episode, I had an engaging conversation with Matt Gilhooly, the host of The Life Shift Podcast. As Matt delved into his journey, he highlighted the importance of maintaining authenticity and curiosity during interviews. As he put it, "I really want it to be a candid conversation, because if you say something that sparks my curiosity, I want to go down that road." Our discussion explored various aspects concerning podcasting, from filtering pitches to formulating spontaneous questions. 

Can we approach strangers for their personal stories? How does one sift through numerous pitches to find the perfect guest? What is the role of active listening in shaping a dynamic podcast interview? How do you transform critical feedback into a symbol of pride? You'll find answers and podcasting tips to all these intriguing questions and explore more as Matt shares invaluable advice and tips for aspiring podcast hosts.

And don't miss out on the fun story behind Matt's unique 'It's Just Okay' t-shirt too! Stick around to the end to find out where you can listen to the Life Shift Podcast and connect with Matt. Get ready for an episode packed with insight, podcasting advice, and inspiration.

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  • How Matt Gilhooly started the podcast as a school assignment and has now released over 118 episodes.
  • The process of finding guests for the podcast and the initial fear of approaching strangers.
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to create a space for potential guests to learn more about the podcast.
  • The challenges of filtering through podcast pitches and the types of pitches not worth responding to.
  • The importance of personal connection in the pitching process.
  • Matt's approach to formulating questions during podcast interviews and the importance of curiosity and active listening.
  • The editing process of the podcast and creating a balanced distribution of talking time between host and guest.
  • The value of active listening and creating meaningful dialogue in podcast interviews.
  • Advice for podcast hosts, including the importance of genuine curiosity and not prescribing the conversation.
  • The story behind the 'It's Just Okay' t-shirt and how it turned into a symbol of embracing the podcast's uniqueness.


  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:03:43] Getting guests for The Life Shift Podcast
  • [00:08:38] Pitching Guests for a Podcast
  • [00:10:46] Navigating the World of Podcast Pitches
  • [00:13:08] Formulating Questions on the Spot
  • [00:18:14] The Importance of Listening in Podcast Interviews
  • [00:19:36] Advice for Podcast Hosts: Be Curious, Listen, and Don't Assume
  • [00:21:21] The story behind Matt Gilhooly's 'It's Just Okay' t-shirt

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