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Day 884 – Through the Power at Work in Us – Meditation Monday
11th June 2018 • Wisdom-Trek © - Archive 3 • H. Guthrie Chamberlain, III
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Wisdom-Trek / Creating a Legacy

Welcome to Day 884 of our Wisdom-Trek, and thank you for joining me.

This is Guthrie Chamberlain, Your Guide to Wisdom

Through the Power of the Work in Us – Meditation Monday

Meditation Monday

Thank you for joining us for our five days per week wisdom and legacy building podcast. This is Day 884 of our trek, and it is time for Meditation Monday. Taking time to relax, refocus, and reprioritize our lives is crucial in order to create a living legacy.

For some, it may just be time alone for quiet reflection. Some may utilize structured meditation practices. In my life, meditation includes reading and reflecting on God’s Word and praying. It is a time to renew my mind, refocus on what is most important, and make sure that I am nurturing my soul, mind, and body. As you come along with me on our trek each Meditation Monday, it is my hope and prayer that you too will experience a time for reflection and renewing of your mind.

We are broadcasting from our studio at The Big House in Marietta, Ohio. The three controlling forces which most people strive for are power, money, and sex. If you study groups of people for very long, such as politicians, business people, and unfortunately even ministers, you will soon realize that most are driven by one of these three motivators.  We may disguise it as something else and many times even convince ourselves that we do not fall prey to them, but when all the chaff is blown away, we see the real kernel of truth.

As Christ followers this is most unfortunate. We have unmeasurable power and riches dwelling within us, and yet we do not accept it or plug into those resources that are so readily available. Our Meditation Monday today we will learn that we can do anything…

Through the Power at Work in Us

Jesus desires his disciples to praise the Father! Ponder Paul’s beautiful prayer in the verses below. He not only praises the Father, but he also asks for the Father’s help. In particular, this great church-planter and disciple-maker prays for the strengthening of the fellow Christ followers he loves. He does not pray for generic strength, but for the Holy Spirit’s empowered strength in Ephesians 3:16, “I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.”

The result of this prayer for strength should make your heart beat a little faster. While the glory for the great things that the Holy Spirit does will go to God, the people through whom the Spirit works will be folks just like you and me, Jesus’s disciples. Notice something else that Paul prays in Ephesians 3:20, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

God can and will do “infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Notice how it is done “through His mighty power at work within us.”

So here are several things to ponder, and then take appropriate action:

  • Pray frequently for God to strengthen specific followers of Christ through the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray regularly that their work inspired by the Spirit will bring God glory.
  • Pray passionately that these Christ followers will be used by God to accomplish — and that they get to experience — “infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Paul prayed these things for the Christ followers who received his letter called Ephesians. You should pray these things regularly for each other. Imagine releasing the power that comes from the Father, Son, and Spirit — into the lives of people you love. Think about all the people in your spiritual family who need God’s comfort, strength, and grace.

Invite the Holy Spirit to move mightily through you, your fellowship, your congregation, your home gatherings, and your small groups. Pray that you and your fellow Christians bring the Father glory and bring Jesus Christ’s grace to those around you. As you see this grace released, rejoice in the glory of God’s grace and power for you!

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is full of great bursts of praise and prayer. Today’s verses are an example that comes in the middle of Paul’s letter. It is part of what holds the whole message of the letter together. Invest time to read Ephesians [3:13]-21. Take time to write it out in your own words. Now begin to pray it for specific people. Let them know that you are praying it for them. Then give thanks when you see the Spirit at work in them!

Next week we will continue our trek on Meditation Monday as we take time to reflect on what is most important in creating our living legacy. On tomorrow’s trek, we will explore another wisdom quote. This 3-minute wisdom supplement will assist you in becoming healthy, wealthy and wise each day. Thank you for joining me on this trek called life. Encourage your friends and family to join us and then come along tomorrow for another day of our Wisdom-Trek, Creating a Legacy.

If you would like to listen to any of the past 883 daily treks or read the daily journal, they are available at I encourage you to subscribe to Apple Podcast and Google Play so that each day’s trek will be downloaded automatically.

Thank you for allowing me to be your guide, mentor, and most of all your friend as I serve you through the Wisdom-Trek podcast and journal.

As we take this trek together, let us always:

  1. Live Abundantly (Fully)
  2. Love Unconditionally
  3. Listen Intentionally
  4. Learn Continuously
  5. Lend to others Generously
  6. Lead with Integrity
  7. Leave a Living Legacy Each Day

I am Guthrie Chamberlain reminding you to Keep Moving Forward, Enjoy Your Journey, and Create a Great Day Everyday! See you tomorrow!