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Maintaining Success as a Funded Trader - Mick Ieronimo
Episode 6125th January 2019 • Limit Up! Podcast • Topstep
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Mick Ieronimo, Risk Manager for TopstepTrader, joins Eddie Horn this week to talk about his work with Topstep’s funded traders. Mick dives into what it takes to get a Funded Account™, tips for successful trading, what trips up good traders and how to avoid self-sabotage. 

  • [02:32] How Mick’s first visit to the wheat pit at the age of 12 led to his career in trading
  • [06:44] Mick talks about his role as Risk Manager at TopstepTrader
  • [10:15] What characteristics Mick looks for in traders for the team
  • [13:32] The importance of starting slowly with low-risk trading
  • [15:47] Best ways to carry success from the Trading Combine® into a Funded Account™
  • [25:39] How to find a market that fits and when to know a market isn’t right for you
  • [33.50] What a trader should do after putting up a large winning day
  • [37:45] And after a large losing day?
  • [40:37] Mick give his thoughts on having a trading buddy
  • [43:54] Mick’s top 3 tips for any trader trying to get funded
    • [44:16] Knowing when to refine a trading strategy
    • [45:13] Limiting your losses
    • [46:00]Remembering to have fun
  • [47:03] On the importance of keeping a trading journal
  • [49:15] The Eddie Question: You’re throwing a party. What’s the theme of your party? What are you serving? Besides family and friends, you can invite any 3 famous people, past or present. Who would they be?

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