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Starting a Purposeful Business
Episode 20129th November 2023 • NEXTLevel Solopreneurs • Ken Eash
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In this episode, we explore the concept of "Ikigai" and how it can help guide individuals in finding their purpose when starting a side hustle or small business. We discuss the importance of considering strengths, interests, and passions when embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. By identifying the things that bring us joy and fulfillment, such as hobbies like fishing or woodworking, we can discover potential opportunities that align with our passions.

However, it's not only about what we love doing; we must also assess our skills and abilities. For instance, if someone excels in carpentry, they could provide services like building fences or outdoor living spaces. By recognizing our talents, we can tap into areas where we have a competitive advantage.

Moreover, it's crucial to understand what the world needs. By identifying the gaps and demands in the market, we can find opportunities to fulfill those needs. It's important to strike a balance between what we are good at, what we enjoy doing, and what the world requires. The ideal intersection of these aspects lies at the core of our mission, which is our "Ikigai."

Discovering our "why" and pursuing a life that serves others and brings fulfillment is key. By intentionally seeking out opportunities that align with our interests, strengths, and the world's needs, we have the potential to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Embracing our "Ikigai" can guide us on this journey, helping us find purpose and success in our side hustles or small businesses.