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35. My Break From Social Media
Episode 3527th September 2021 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of the Business Journey podcast! I'm so excited to share today's topic, because I'm telling you all about my break from social media. This is one of those episodes where I'm really pulling back the curtain and letting you see what life has been like lately. Having authentic and real conversations like this is so important to me and I can't wait to see what you think!

Why I took a break from social media!

At the beginning of August, I was super active on my social media. Not just posting and marketing active... but spending a LOT of time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. It just sucks you in! You know how that is. I've tried to set limits before, but they weren't working. I found myself reaching for my phone throughout the day if I felt bored or had a lull. After getting really anxious one night because I couldn't remember where my phone was, I realized that I had become pretty addicted to it and to being constantly up to date. I decided then and there that I was going to take a big break from social media. I deserved better, so did my family!

How I managed taking this break!

As a business owner, I knew it was going to be a little tricky but I have a team that helps with pushing content out. Occasionally, there's something I have to post personally so I would hop into the app, post it, and leave. Otherwise, it was up to my team to create and schedule the content. I actually deleted the apps from my phone! With the new iOS update, I actually did the quasi delete option so I could quickly do my business posts as needed. But it was off my home screen and way out of mind. I also turned off motivations and set up time limits. It was amazing!! Even just in the first few days, I realized that I was being really intentional with that time and not letting the apps run my life.

What I did instead....

When I'm not letting the apps suck my time, I'm an avid reader. So I made a point to pick up new books and read during this social media break. It made such a huge difference for me! And not just that, but being "bored" was good for me overall. I was more present with my kids. I could read and relax. My screen time just dropped dramatically all the way around - not just on those apps. With my Apple Watch, I was able to walk away from my phone more - I still got notifications if someone needed me. But I knew when it could wait (and when it couldn't!) and addressed it that way.

My take aways!

Honestly, the biggest thing I learned (and remembered) is that I can find what I need after the fact. There is no reason for me to need to see everything as it happens. I didn't miss people's dinner photos or my family's trips to the zoo. Later, when I logged on in my dedicated windows, I saw those things. And even if I hadn't, I could go look if I was worried. But I didn't really miss anything by stepping away. So, here's your challenge: take a week off of social media. See what happens for you, your family, and your business. You might be surprised! I'm here cheering you on!!


What We Discussed:

Why I took a social media break (1:26)

How I managed with my business (4:36)

What I did instead (6:50)

My take aways (10:11)