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Climate Blocks: Jamie Mustard
Episode 3923rd June 2022 • Brand Master Flash • Jonny Prest
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Jamie Mustard is a multimedia artist and expert on identity and perception. His book ‘The Iconist’ is the study of what makes anything iconic: the anatomy of what causes any idea, art or message to STAND OUT and take hold in the human mind, across any medium. 

I caught up with Jamie to discuss his book but also to share ideas, opinions and views about climate change and to understand how the theory of ‘blocks’ can be used to reframe the narrative and give it new meaning or understanding.


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Brand Master Flash is Jonny Prest. A brand strategist and director at brand agency Seed. Jonny prides himself on his work ethic, unique approach and sense of humour. He’s passionate about brand strategy, working hard to get into the mindset of his clients and in the shoes of their consumers to find the right solutions and intelligent, fresh ideas for their project or campaign. He blows past the obvious; snubs the cliché and pushes ideas until they are powerful, meaningful and are at the highest standard reachable.

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