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Beyond the QEEG with Mitch and Angelika Sadar
Episode 126th February 2024 • Healthy Brain Happy Body • Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
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Our guides today are Angelika and Mitch Sadar, directors of Sadar Psychological and Sports Center, sponsors of NRBS. Mitch also serves as the NRBS President, and Angelika as the Executive Director. For many years, they have worked with clients and trained neurofeedback providers. In today's conversation, they discuss the HBI database, and what it provides beyond qEEG analysis. In addition to maps showing client brain activity compared to the “norm,” the database allows analysis of event related potentials, which show how the brain process visual and auditory information. HBI has also developed measures of attention, vigilance, alertness, internalization/externalization, and emotional regulation.

Join us as they discuss how the HBI database can provide more information for your clients, and for planning interventions. In the next episode, we dive deeper into the database itself, for a wonkier discussion of quantitative brain analysis.

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