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2002 - GenreBlast
5th January 2023 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year: 2002


The Taste Buds meet to discuss 2002 GenreBlast and argue about which genres were best represented in 2002!

Genres, they make up the bulk at the movies lefty Hollywood pumps out to us year after year, but we here at Pop Filter have no time for anything that is not a serious, pinky-in-the-air drama. However, we know how upsetting it is to simply dispense with action, romance, family, or comedies--just to name a few--and so we've brought this very special show to you to make sure that we are representing 2002 to the best of our abilities? No, it is time to tackle all these bad boys and make sure we are giving them their due.

Every action movie and comedy deserve just as much love as the "important dramas," which is why we have crammed them all into this one short episode as our way of saying, "you are (sort of) valid (in a lesser way)." Each of these movies was the dream of hundreds of people, willed into existence and forever cast onto film for generations of people to watch and remember, the least we could do is rip on them and make a fart noise as we declaim their loss "a total slam dunk."

All that and more on this week's episode of Movie of the Year!

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