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S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 18 - Vanessa Vizard "Vizard Marketing & PR"
11th May 2022 • S.T.A.R.V.E. TALK • J Haleem
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Episode Description: 

Vanessa Vizard is President and CEO of Vizard Marketing and PR, specializing in creating campaigns in the healthcare and nonprofit industry. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Vanessa sits down with host J Haleem and speaks on her experiences as a woman in business, pivoting through the pandemic, and her mantra, “With God all things are possible.” 

Show Notes: 

00:51- J Haleem welcomes Vanessa to the show

2:26 - Vanessa speaks on her experience as a woman in business 

5:32 - Vanessa shares the tools she learned from past experience 

7:28 - What has been her best past on the job training? 

9:31 - Transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship 

12:06 - As someone who took the leap, would she encourage a friend to do the same 

14:04 - What has been her children’s growth as an entrepreneur mom?

16:20 - Our children are more resilient than we think 

19:06 - People will use any excuse to get out of doing something 

19:36 - Vanessa speaks on the biggest misconception in the PR industry 

23:14 - Which area of PR does she enjoy the most

25:01 - As a nonprofit PR firm, Vanessa speaks on how their budget constraints can impact their visibility 

27:50 - The importance of mastery

30:40 - Pivoting into Pandemic

32:48 - Selling fences through COVID. Bouncing back from 2020

35:00 - It’s important to tell the “story” of entrepreneurship. It is not easy. 

37:04 - Vanessa speaks to her mantra, “Through God all things are possible.” 

38:15 - What S.T.A.R.V.E. Means to her? 

41:58 - Deciphering what’s for you 

44:53 - Get out of your own way 

Connect with Vanessa 


IG: @vizardmarketingandpr 

Ph: 1-951-533-6180