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Episode 25: Getting the Right People on the Bus
Episode 2519th January 2023 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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When you're building a remote business, you will rely on your team members to take some of the work off your plate to free up some time for revenue-producing activities and things that truly matter to you. But how do you find the right people to get on the bus with you? There are many online platforms like Upwork, but if you're not careful or have no established hiring process, you might end up with a hiring nightmare. 

In today's episode of The Remote Millionaires Podcast, Tom shares the process they use for outsourcing and some of the questions they ask potential hires. So listen up, take notes, and find your next rockstar team member who will help you grow your business. 

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“Realize that each person is unique. Don't try to find a clone of the person you're replacing.”

- Tom Gaddis (11:03 Polished Video)


In This Episode:

  • How Tom hires awesome team members
  • A critical step in the hiring process that you must not skip
  • Questions you should ask and things you want to get out from the interview
  • How to discuss the pay 

And much more…


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