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Carl Presseault | From European Bike Touring to Bikepacking Locally
Episode 10328th February 2021 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In this episode I have the chance to speak with Carl Presseault, a nearly neighbour of mine, living in the Ottawa Capital Region. Having worked in the bike industry since 2004, Carl got into bike touring in 2013 when an ex-girlfriend told him she wanted to bike tour for a year in Europe. Although the relationship with his ex may not have lasted, the bike touring relationship is still going strong, even all these years later. More recently Carl has started to use bikepacking as a means of doing fast tours around the region he lives.

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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Who is Carl Presseault

~ 05m 45s     Planning for the tour; building bikes from scratch; bike setup

~ 25m 00s     Route through Europe and starting in Italy

~ 36m 00s     Cycling through southern and eastern France

~ 54m 00s     Getting tired of canal paths and missing the mountains

~ 01h 00m      Cycling in Germany; sandwich index

~ 01h 17m       Cycling in Slovakia and Hungary

~ 01h 26m      Budgeting for the 6 month trip

~ 01h 31m      Bikepacking in Canada; Trans-Canada, Cataroqui and K&P Trail

~ 01h 38m      Bikepacking gear; connecting the Prescott-Russel Trail to the Petit Train du Nord

~ 01h 48m      3D printing bike parts, adding a dynamo hub to a trailer

~ 01h 56m      Bikepacking the PPJ in Quebec

~ 02h 03m      End Credits



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