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1000 Podcasters - Bryan Entzminger EPISODE 85, 4th December 2019
Do I need episode numbers for my podcast? - 1KP0085
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Do I need episode numbers for my podcast? - 1KP0085

Are podcast episode numbers needed? And if so, what is a good format and placement?

Tom asks: 

Bryan...if it would be an appropriate topic for your Top Tier show...it could be helpful to us if you gave your opinion about episode numbers. Have them or not...format...placement, etc.


Today I’m sharing my OPINION but I think it bears out in terms of a best practice. 

Listen to discover:

  • Whether episode numbers are required.
  • Why you might want to have episode numbers.
  • Why you might NOT want to have episode numbers.
  • Where episode numbers should go if you’re going to use them.
  • The ONE THING you should stop doing immediately with episode numbers?

Resources Mentioned

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