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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 61, 16th February 2018
Filming in Extreme Weather Conditions with Doc Filmmaker, Anthony Powell
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Filming in Extreme Weather Conditions with Doc Filmmaker, Anthony Powell

Filming in extreme environments as a doc filmmaker can be a challenging thing. Shooting in Antarctica? A whole other ballgame. Just ask Anthony Powell, who has been working on the continent for over a decade, and has recently released the award-winning doc Antarctica: A Year on Ice. He has taken what started out as a hobby shooting timelapses of the Antarctica skies and terrain, and turned it into a fulfilling career as a preeminent Director of Photography and doc filmmaker on the continent.


We had the pleasure of holding conversation with Anthony (or Antz, as he’s known to his friends and colleagues) for this week’s episode of the podcast.


Topics Discussed

  • shooting in extreme cold environs
  • how the cold affects your camera gear
  • how to shoot better timelapses
  • how to live and work in Antarctica for a full calendar year


5 Tips for Shooting in Hot Environments & Harsh Sunlight

While I don’t necessarily have much experience in the colder extremes of the world, I do have plenty of experience working in the opposite spectrum of the thermometer. So in our opening segment I lay out 5 Tips for Shooting in Hot Environments & Harsh Sunlight.

  1. Don’t shoot in middle of the day
  2. Keep your camera cool
  3. Wear appropriate clothing
  4. Wear sunscreen
  5. Bring a photo reflector


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