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The Signs & Symptoms of Trauma and How To Heal with Psychotherapist Jennifer Tomko
Episode 6430th August 2021 • Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories • Tamika Bickham
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Trauma can impact anyone, and at some point in our lives, it likely affects all of us. The Surfside building collapse. A second large earthquake in Haiti. The 20th anniversary of 9/11. A global pandemic. These are just a few examples that have taken place in 2021 alone. Let’s face it, traumatic events are all around us.

Luckily professionals like Jennifer Tomko, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in treating trauma, are here to help clients find growth through their trauma. In episode 64 of Lift U Up: Inspiring Health Stories, Jennifer shares her journey of how a mid-life crisis and cross-country move led her to finding her bigger purpose: helping trauma survivors find their own meaning