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Why editing is NOT about being ‘a bit OCD’
Episode 9225th May 2022 • The Editing Podcast • Louise Harnby (fiction editor) and Denise Cowle (non-fiction editor)
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We explore the term ‘OCD’ and why it has no place as a marker of attention to detail for the professional editor.

Listen to find out more about

  • The difference between character traits of orderliness and the lived experience of OCD
  • What is OCD and how does it affect people?
  • Why OCD is a noun and what that means for how we use the term
  • How OCD might manifest
  • How flippant and colloquial references to OCD diminish lived experience
  • Intention versus perception of harm
  • Editing text: querying rather than prescribing problems and solutions
  • Does fiction offer more scope for use of harmful language?
  • Alternative words and phrases
  • Helping clients create engaging rather than distracting messages

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Denise and Louise

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