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Episode 2427th June 2024 • Real Money Talks • Loral Langemeier
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In this exciting episode of "Minutes with Millionaire Maker," I join host Kenner French to dive deep into wealth-building strategies and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Listen in as I share insights from my journey, including how my financial experiences have shaped my current strategies in wealth management. I emphasize the importance of living a corporate life, making smart investments, and continuously evolving your financial habits.

If you are ready to gain valuable advice on the first steps to financial freedom, effective risk management, and the critical role of mentorship in personal and professional growth, don’t miss this episode!

Loral's Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Wealth-Building Strategies, Debt Management & Passive Income (02:34)
  • Wealth Management, Tax Structures & Personal Finance (11:18)
  • Financial Gaps & Oversight Needs (16:36)
  • Entrepreneurship Challenges & Opportunities In Today's Marketplace (18:35)
  • Investing, Tax Strategies & Avoiding Scams (23:13)

Meet Kenner French:

Kenner has saved thousands of entrepreneurs IRS/tax dollars, increase wealth, and protect their financial legacy. His strategy can work for you as it has so many entrepreneurs across the globe!

In addition to being a former business contributor, the northwest native leads, is an AI expert, a real estate and venture investor, and one with a tax and IRS strategy that truly is second to none.

Kenner has been married to his wife of over 30 years, Kristin, has a son named Braden, a deceased son, Kellen, and a family dog named Beau. The island living man loves barbecuing, college sports, hanging with friends, and of course, traveling the world attending Dave Matthews Band concerts.

Connect with Kenner:




Meet Loral Langemeier:

Loral Langemeier is a money expert, sought-after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books.

Her goal: to change the conversations people have about money worldwide and empower people to become millionaires.

The CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc. – a multinational organization — Loral relentlessly and candidly shares her best advice without hesitation or apology. What sets her apart from other wealth experts is her innate ability to recognize and acknowledge the skills & talents of people, inspiring them to generate wealth.

She has created, nurtured, and perfected a 3-5 year strategy to make millions for the “Average Jill and Joe.” To date, she and her team have served thousands of individuals worldwide and created hundreds of millionaires through wealth-building education keynotes, workshops, products, events, programs, and coaching services.

Loral is truly dedicated to helping men and women, from all walks of life, to become millionaires AND be able to enjoy time with their families.

She is living proof that anyone can have the life of their dreams through hard work, persistence, and getting things done in the face of opposition. As a single mother of two children, she is redefining the possibility for women to have it all and raise their children in an entrepreneurial and financially literate environment.


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