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Understanding Your Inner Voice
Episode 3549th January 2024 • The Traveling Introvert • The Career Introvert
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Primary Topic: Introduction to Self-Talk

- Definition of self-talk

- Importance of self-talk in shaping self-perception and confidence

Primary Topic: Understanding Self-Talk

- Nature of internal dialogue

- Influence of self-talk on confidence and stress levels

Primary Topic: Harnessing the Power of Self-Talk

- Becoming aware of your inner voice

- Challenging negative thoughts

- Using positive affirmations

- Keeping a gratitude journal

- Practicing mindfulness and meditation

- Seeking external feedback to gain fresh insights

Primary Topic: Impact of Uplifting Self-Talk

- Empowerment and fostering a growth mindset

- Shifting focus from shortcomings to blessings in life

- Revising self-view and building confidence through positive self-talk


Janice Chaka [:

Hello, and welcome to The traveling introvert. How many of you have an inner voice? How many of you have a critical inner voice? How many of you have sort of that little thing that taps you on the shoulder and says, you can't do that, or I see you stupid human? I'm sure some of you who are listening do. And so today, I wanna talk about self talk. Your relationship with yourself is possibly the most intimate and enduring one you're ever gonna have. The to this relationship is self talk, that inner voice which influences how you perceive your actions, circumstances, and values? It's your mind's silent commentator. Though you might see it, hear it, visualize it as a fleeting thought, have a permanent role in molding your self confidence and self perception? So what is The self talk, and how can you harness it to significantly uplift your confidence and change how you view yourself? So grasping the essence of self talk? Fundamentally, self talk is your internal dialogue, your internal conversation. It's the internal script that comments on what you've experienced, decided, perceived? Often, this narrative mirrors your core belief and past experiences oscillating between positive encouragement, you can do this, and negative critiques? Why do you always get this wrong? Its influence on your confidence and self perception is huge. Several studies pinpoint the direct correlation between self talk and confidence levels? Positive self talk can elevate your spirit, enhance your self wealth, and heighten your resilience? Conversely, negative self talk can diminish confidence, amplify stress, and paint a very bleak outlook.

Janice Chaka [:

How you view yourself yourself is greatly shaped by this dialogue. If you constantly tell yourself you're act you might start believing it, actually believing it, and seeing yourself that way? On the bright side, however, uplifting self talk can empower you, spotlight your strength and foster a growth mindset? And so what can you do to harness its power for for good? Awareness. Before changing, you need to you need to recognize, tune in to your inner voice. Identify The language rich and patterns that pop up in all sorts of scenarios? And then challenge negative thoughts. Whenever a discouraging thought emerges, question it. Is it truly accurate? Is it really the direst outcome? What positive aspects haven't you considered? Then there's positive affirmations. Draft a list of affirmations that resonate with your goals and and your values. Repeat The to yourself daily? Slowly, they can replace The negative narratives? It takes time.

Janice Chaka [:

It takes practice, and that's okay. It won't happen overnight. Change is good, though. Maybe you could have a gratitude journal. When you jot down things daily that you're thankful for, you shift your focus on shortcomings to the blessings in your life and reshaping your self view? Then there's mindfulness and meditation. These techniques are really good at placing you in the present allowing you to experience yourself talk talk without being all consumed by it? And seek external feedback? At times, you may be too immersed to view things objectively? So chatting with a close friend, a mentor, a coach can help you gain fresh insights into your self perceptions and the accuracy of your self talk? Because a lot of time a thought is not a fact, and yet we're really, really good as humans at thinking a thing and just believing it straight off the bat? Without data to back it up? Your internal voice holds power. It scripts your life's tale and and shapes who you believe you are? So when you tap to the power of uplifting self talk, you will redraft your story, where you're the confident lead steering your fate armed with a strong positive view? So go ahead and embrace that self talk and unveil unveil unveil failed The greatness that rides and resides in you? So thank you for listening. This is Janice at The Career Introvert helping you build your brand and get hired? Have a great rest of your week.