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Koala Crusader with Cate Faehrmann
26th May 2021 • Sentient Planet • Susan Woodward
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How are koalas faring after the great climate fires that bore down on Australia in 2019-20? One of the best people to ask is Cate Faehrmann, Member of Parliament for the New South Wales Greens Party.

Also an environmental activist, Cate chaired a recent parliamentary inquiry into the status of koalas in New South Wales, where the population is quickly dwindling. In this episode, we get down to business to discuss exactly what the inquiry found and the failings of government to protect this iconic but fragile species from spiraling into extinction on our watch.

Calls to Action: Don't wait for government – bringing the koala back before it's too late depends on everyone who cares about animal existence on planet Earth.

  1. Join Cate's crusade at, where you take actions and get educated on the threats and what we must do to protect precious koala habitat.
  2. Educate others! We can solve this.
  3. Support Friends of the Koala and other dedicated volunteer organizations that care for sick and injured koalas.

More on the koala coming in Season 2 of Sentient Planet!

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