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1165 – Outsourcing in Real Estate with Real Estate Project Solutions’ Max Fisch
15th April 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the owner of Real Estate Project Solutions, Max Fisch. 

Real Estate Project Solutions was born because people in Max’s network asked how he sourced the VAs who worked within his real estate businesses. Real estate project solutions offers virtual real estate teams and data experts that investors and real estate professionals can hire with ease. 

Max and Josh explore the origin of Real Estate Project Solutions. Max shares that he is big on networking. He would speak to other professionals on a daily basis who would often ask him how he saw such success with the team of VAs he built. After enough times where he was asked, Max realized there was a business opportunity where this need was not being met within his industry. 

Max shares that his first client was a friend of his. He helped his friend set up two VA cold callers on his team. From there, Max proceeded to take over the management of those employees. Real Estate Project Solutions now offers entirely outsourced VAs and experts – all managed on their clients’ behalf by their own team internally. 

Max explains that you should have a robust and holistic front end approach, especially when it comes to sourcing good VAs. This makes the back end approach more seamless and simple later on down the line, he shares.

Cold calling is an easy solution to implement if you’re trying to affordably break into the real estate space cost effectively, Max says. Real Estate Project Solutions covers every aspect of outreach for their clients that isn’t face-to-face. Max and his team hire amazing VAs, train them to be experts in the work they do in the real estate space, and then they manage the company’s clients with a high level of competence and expertise. 

Max also explains who would be the right fit for this type of outsourcing. It all comes down to budgeting; there’s no specific starting point, but you need to have the room for it in your budget. Lead time can take up to 6 months in the real estate space, so outsourcing for real estate requires a long term commitment and budget. 

Josh and Max explore how investors can increase their profitability. You need to either increase the top line or decrease the bottom line. That often means outsourcing work strategically. Look at all the ways from the bottom line that you can restructure your business and your budget.

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