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11th May 2018 • Vault to Investment Real Estate Success Podcast • W. Rick Harris
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Show Notes:

Guest today is Matthew Ankerstein.  My goal is to bring on people like Matthew who are focused on small business and entrepreneurial information and knowledge.
Matthew Ankerstein is a graduate of Northern Albert Institute of Technology from the Business program.  Matthew love for entrepreneurship and small business goes back to his early days as a child; maybe he will share his first business venture at one of his Grandparents garage sales.

I meet Matthew through a mutual friend.  I had been listening to a ton of podcasting shows but did not know a local podcaster.

I was so happy to meet Matthew, and through his guidance, I have launched my very own podcast show.I have had a couple of setbacks in launching my podcast show.  Matthew has been a real supporter and has never judged my setbacks. He is a Podcasting Professional.

Another reason I invited Matthew on my show is not only because he is a big influence on me getting my podcast launched; a big part of his show revolves around small business and entrepreneurship.

 Investment Real Estate is for most people a small business, and you certainly need entrepreneurial qualities.

Instructive and Informative Learning in Our Interview with Matthew Ankerstein:

Welcome Matthew to the show and would you like to fill in any area of information you feel is important about yourself to share with the audience.










Great Name – How did you come up with the name, what influenced your choice of the name and the purpose behind the name?



Can you share your story about the BEE and What it represents?



Why a Podcast to Drive your business?





Listened to all of your podcast shows; it has been great for myself, lots of variety of guests, Tell us about your journey from your first podcast show to your current podcast show?




AWE Moment – Is there one thing on this journey that stands out as an “AWE” moment and influenced where you are today from when you first began?




Mentioned earlier a real variety of guests and topics from people all over the world who are entrepreneurs and small business owners; how did you choose these guests?






How did you get them to come on your show?



Explain the Whys behind the topics you focus on? 















Over 30 shows now; I can tell you are learning a ton form your guests, what have you learned and how has this changed your business model looking back on Day 1 and where you are at now?




Why the Change?



What is Your Real Challenge moving forward?



How do we get ahold of you?





Share or Offer our audience?






You can contact Matthew through his website


Mentioned in this episode:

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