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Listen Sister! – Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life – Tess Scott pt 2
Episode 110321st June 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Listen Sister! – Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life

Tess Scott pt 2

I was raised in Michigan, and my grandparents lived on the St. Clair River. Sometimes we would grab innertubes and they would take us several miles up the river and let us float down and across the mile wide river to Canada. Then we would catch the Ferry back (which just happened to be next door to my grandparents house)!

The reason I’m sharing this little tid-bit of my history with you, is because our guest today lived something of the same life – and, she is actually from the city just across the river, where we would catch the Ferry home!  Sarnia, Ontario!

Tess Scott is the founder of a great ministry called, “Listen, Sister! Encouragement Ministry” and the author of an absolutely fabulous book titled, you guessed it, “Listen, Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life!”  It is a collection of short, funny stories pointing out how God works in the chaos of life.  I’ve read it and, I’m telling you – it is hilarious!

Other than making Brother Bob laugh, what is the Mission behind your book and ministry?

I also had a good laugh at your “hair clip” calamity!  Care to share about episode?

One of my favorite foods is Lasagna. You have a pretty good memory in your book about  cooking lasagna. Can you share that with us?

Tess, what was the hardest thing that has happened to you and what did you learn from it?

What does your son’s and husband have to say about reminiscing so publicly about some of their, let’s say, “misadventures” that you document in the book?

Tess, this is so good. How can someone obtain their own copy of your book, “Listen Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life?”

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question or possibly to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes below.

Folks, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of you ordering your own copy of Tess Scott’s book, “Listen Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life.”  This book is medicine for your soul!  Proverbs 17:22 says that “A merry heart does good like a medicine…”  It’s been proven by scientific research that laughter decreases stress and increase immunity and infection fighting antibodies. In this time of COVID and turmoil in the world, you need a good laugh!  And Tess Scott’s book will help you to do so.

Wouldn’t be great if just ordering her book, “Listen Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life” is what protected you from COVID!  Remember, “All things are possible with God” and “God works in mysterious ways!”  Who’s to say? Amen!

So drop down into the show notes and click the link right there. Order your copy today. In fact, order two three or more copies and brighten up someone else’s day, too! Praise God!

Tess, thank you for taking the time to join us today. I really enjoyed our time together!





Book:  “Listen Sister! Finding Hope in the Freakshow of Life” – on Amazon