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Reefer Rates, Watermelons, and the Struggle For Loyalty: Transportation Industry Updates
Episode 1425th July 2023 • The Podcast • Zach Ellis
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In the episode of the Podcast, our CEO, Zach Ellis, talks about the changing dynamics of the retail truck market to the steady demand for vocational trucks, plus other trends he is seeing in the industry right now. He talks about the trucking market rates, and the trucks he is seeing consistently 

He also discusses pricing variations for dump trucks and specialty heavy haul trucks, the importance of loyalty and trust in the trucking industry, and the current state of freight volume. He also explores the potential UPS strike and its implications for nonunion employees, as well as how this could impact those coming out of school or looking for a career change.

Plus he provides some valuable advice on selling trucks, including the consequences of pulling deals and the growing trends of the lack of loyalty, and why this is something you should avoid.

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